Get the Celebrity Fall Look: Rihanna Inspired

“Ohhh Rihanna.. Girl you know you’re too damn hot! & This makeup is BOMB! Perfect Fall look.”

That’s exactly the thought that ran through my head as I stood in line at MAC to purchase items from her new collection. Rihanna has collabed with MAC Cosmetics to bring a new collection to the beauty world- RiRi Hearts Collection. Let’s stop for a second to acknowledge how genius it was of MAC to collab with this hot commodity of a celeb– & it was right on time for Fall!┬áThe campaign photo of Rihanna is what REALLY caught my attention. Her neutral face & eyes seemed to just stand out on the photo..&& what really jumped off of the photo were her bold lips! I instantly became anxious and wanted to go home to recreate…but of course…I wanted to do it in an inexpensive way so all of my followers could recreate & afford! I hope you all enjoy! Of course it won’t be exactly the same..but here’s my spin on it!


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